Exclusive Carmelo Anthony Threatens Kat Stacks

Twitter is going to get a celebrity in a lot of trouble or a groupie killed.Early this morning Carmelo Anthony NBA superstar got into a Twitter altercation with Kat Stacks and in the exchange Carmelo issued a 5,000 dollar reward to anyone that will smack Kat Stacks and tape and send it to him. Well things got really complicated after that. Several blog sites caught wind of Carmelo’s threats and  It’s all over the Internet. Since then Carmelo has claimed his account has been hacked. His Twitter account as of this morning was deleted. His wife La La is on Twitter claiming it was not him making those threats. (of course not)

NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony is about to be in a WORLD OF TROUBLE . . . with the NBA . . . and possibly with the POLICE.

Here’s what MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY can report. Last night at just after 3:00 AM (ET), internet GROUPIE Kat Stacks sent an INAPPROPRIATE but harmless Tweet to recently married Carmelo. Carmelo’s wife LaLa Vasquez IMMEDIATELY responded with a threat to Kat.

But LaLa’s tweets only served to ENRAGE her baller hubby. That’s when, MediaTakeOut.com learned that Carmelo Anthony offered $5,000 to anyone who would “slap the sh*t” out of “pigeon faced” Kat Stacks. And what’s more – he then posted a PHOTOGRAPH of the money.

Why is this a problem. Well under MOST state laws it is ILLEGAL to offer money to harm another person. A person who makes such an offer is guilty of a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. But there’s more, if someone TAKES Carmelo up on the offer – Carmelo would then be GUILTY AS AN ACCESSORY to the assault. In either case, the crime carries a SUBSTANTIAL JAIL PENALTY with it.

And Carmelo must a figured it out, because as of THIS MORNING his Twitter account was DELETED.

Oh, and just in case Carmelo claims that his Twitter account was hacked – we saved the PHOTOS he posted on his OFFICIAL yFrog account. So either THAT account was hacked too . . . or . . . RUH ROH!!!

Now of course Mediatakeout does not print the tweets from Kat Stacks that started everything. Kat Stacks said ” which one of my groupie friends are in @lala husband’s room bent over tonight”  Totally disrespectful to LaLa  … Her first tweet was the “do you taste like caramel” in which Carmelo replied ” I taste like death” Kat then went on to reply ” I would die for your sexy ass”  You see the entire story isn’t printed which doesn’t look good in Melo’s favorite however it is Twitter and no matter what she says If you make criminal threats to her and put it in print? you are incriminating yourself. Guys have got to start being smarter   SMH

Carmelo even took a snapshot of the money

NEWSFLASH   I did some investigating and the IP address that matched all the other tweets from Carmelo before  this incident so Melo you weren’t hacked. You slipped up and probably going to get a new laptop

9 thoughts on “Exclusive Carmelo Anthony Threatens Kat Stacks

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  2. Wowww media take out is run by a bunch of FAGGOTS.

  3. Any which way you cut it, somebody needs to come get there child because this girl is gonna get killed.

  4. There’s actually a website that explains why Kat Stacks is the way she is. A lot of people follow the news about what she does to other people, but very FEW people know about HER. Most people don’t know HOW or WHY she turned out to be so twisted, and WHY she does the things she does to others. It’s a LOT of information, but if you’re really interested in what’s going on in her BRAIN, then you should check it out. The site is at http://bit.ly/Kat_Stacks

  5. Wow oh wow @ a hired hit which is in fact illegal, eitehr it be a joke or not its the net u place money up for grabs and it all of a sudden becomes a serious matter. Damn Twitter is the new Myspace there will be a moment not to soon from now where somebody gets killed, kidnapped or beaten from that site….and how anybody can just up and see your ISP address and get tons of other info on you…its not hard to aquire personal info especially when a persons a public figure.

  6. Lol. Man WTH If I Catch Kat Stacks Imma Smack That Chick LOL …. LaLa You A BEAST ! ❤ Go Carmelo #15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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