Snoop Dogg’s Daughter’s Battle With Lupus.

WOW! Just when you think you have problems. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Snoop Dogg is opening up about his daughter’s battle with Lupus.

It all began five years ago when they noticed a light spot on the face of Cori, then 6 years old. Weeks later, Snoop and wife Shanté Broadus noticed she was losing drastic amounts of weight and her hair was falling out.  Despite visiting countless doctors, no one was able to offer the rapper and his family a diagnosis for little Cori. “I felt helpless,” Snoop told PEOPLE while fighting back tears. “No power, no friends.”  His wife Shanté adds, “No one could tell me what was wrong. They drew tons of blood and said she has old-person cells. They gave her all kinds of [medication]. But she went downhill.”

Months later, after getting the heartbreaking diagnosis of lupus, Snoop Dogg and his family began their journey to understand the autoimmune disease, which ultimately brought his family closer together.  “She’s the toughest little thing I’ve ever met,” the rapper says of his daughter. “She’s on the honor roll, playing volleyball and softball, living life. She has all this joy. In the beginning lupus was winning. But now Cori is.”

Thank God!

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

3 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg’s Daughter’s Battle With Lupus.

  1. Hi , My name is Barcradia Roberts And I have lupus to . I’m 15 years old and i have been through so much already . I hear all the bad remarks that can happen with this diease but i never loose faith or give up . I keep my head high and keep going day by day asking jesus to watch over me . Its hard i know but never give up . I’m a 10th grader but i got so sick in the summer i had to be homebounded this year . So im facing though times to but i know its not my battle so i just give it to jesus . Cori just stay Strong . God Bless you and your family . ♥
    Barcardia Roberts
    You can E-mail Me @

  2. I think it’s wonderful that Snoop is being there for his family. Also I would like to say Keep your head up.

  3. I think it’s wonderful that Snoop is being there for his family. Also I would like to say Keep your head up. It takes a lot of courage to lose a friend(Nate Dog). I lost my father, brother, and grandmother. Life gets difficult sometimes, but we have to keep our heads straight. I would love to meet you and your family one day, and just share a lconversation with you guys.

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