is Tupac really alive and coming back in2014?

I know a lot of people do not believe it, I know a lot of people call it nonsense but as we creep closer and closer to 2014 and as the Illuminati has pretty much taken over like 2pac predicted it has started to come up again all over the internet and the news. Is Tupac Shakur really dead?

I have said it for years no!!!  watch this

There are a lot of Theories out there We are gonna be looking into some more of them

468 thoughts on “is Tupac really alive and coming back in2014?

  1. Ghhooossttttt I say!

      • dude i was with tupac lastnight. hes not dead just hiding for a while. Tupac sends his love and you will all see him perform soon. California Love bitches

      • That man is/was the legendary last soldier of humanity and acting gangsta was a plan to bring his music to the youth… Definetly man didn’t die 1996, maybe later…left so much puzzle to tell you his alive but this tells how dum people are and how media lets you know only what government want you to know. My opinion, get your own.

    • This looks real and i hope he comes back, but i do also hope he knows he’ll be arrested for faking his death…

      • no he won’t, he faked it in Las Vegas, so it is legal.

      • Yeah it happened in Vegas, yet as well, it was a murder scene, so he could have made a story that he survived it.

      • he’s chillin in jamacia lol he’ll never comeback here

      • lol….the law clearly states it is illegal to fake ones death…..HOWEVER….they cannot be arrested for having faked their death for over seven years… no jail time 4 2Pac

      • thats what the 18 year part is after 18 years the charges r dropped

      • Your so Ignorant. How can you be arrested for faking your death? He has a large life insurance policy and his mom has never cashed it. The only way he could be arrested was if she cashed it and then they both him and his mom would go to jail. Ignorant ass!

      • i also believe that 2pac is a life, my nagga is a life trust me logist lee

      • He wont be arrested, cause the Government is hiding him, IF he is alive. He could have rolled over on a gang, or Death Row and got someone arrested, the government faked his death.

      • It’s not illegal to fake ones death in the state of Nevada as long as someone has attempted to murder you at least twice there were 3 occasions where someone attempted to kill tupac so if he did fake is death that night in Vegas he wouldn’t face any charges for it

      • I think Outlaws would not work with this guy kasinova if hi were a copycat and hi does music as fast as pac did… alive hi is, believe me and that I said this. Jay-z, Jay-ho or what the name is that devil worshipper uses and his minions are going get what they deserve today or tomorrow…dont buy those mainstream records, support underground where the real rap, hip hop is… to legendary immortal thug, hail mr. Makaveli

      • He won’t after a certain amount of years you can’t be.

      • Hell naw 7years been up.. that’s longest u can go for faken death#Facts

      • It is NOT illegal to FAKE your death people..Only thing is government can get you for unpaid taxes, blah blah he gave all his ownership to hi s mother so he isn’t making money, she is and she is responsible for taxes etc. Why do you get the idea that faking a death is illegal?

      • Actually he was missing for over 10 years so he wont be arrested

    • 2pac had a plan all along. too many haterz wanted him dead and hated for what he stood for. all 2pac did was adapt to the way he was treated.

      • there are many reasons that tupac could have faked his death taxes enemies my personal theory is that he faked his death then killed biggie

      • I totaly agree yoyo
        tupac was obsessed with the number seven and machavelli so i personaly think that tupac will return in 2014 and also he will have all of the sexual assault against him destroyed as you cannot be found guilty of a crime after 18 years

    • whats funny is in 2014 tupac will be 43 years old the same age that machavelli supposedly retured from his fake death 2+1+4=7 and 4+3 =7 intresting

      • If tupac were to come back why wouldn’t he come back when he was 34 in 2005. 3+4=7 and 2+5=7.

      • Are you stupid?
        That was clearly stated in the video & so where all the sums you think you have mastered.

      • Hy ppl dnt fool urslf 2pac is gone

    • i doubt hell come back cause why didnt he come back 7/7/07? which it sucks man

      • Well , if you were paying attention you would notice when he marks his 7 “teritory” it EQUALS 7 . and if i got my grade school down I’m pretty sure 7+7+7 DOESN’T equal 7 . It equals 21 . when you look at what is clearly stated 2014 is expanded notation is 2 + 0 + 1 + 4= The famous… 7 ! Or in scientific-expanded notation it would be (2 * 1,000) + (0 *100) + (1*10) + (4*1) = 7 … (*= times)



        p.s hoped this helped

      • Because the math doesn’t work out. He died at 25, if he comes back in 2014, he would have been gone 18 years. 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7. He’ll be 43 next year, 4 + 3 = 7. And also the 25 years he was alive minus 18 years he has gone equals 7. It would have been the only date that would have worked. I’m not sure wether all this could have been planned out but it is all quite spooky.

    • i still believe hes alive ive said no from the very beginning

    • To all you haters that are saying that he faked his own death, thats a load of bullshi? he was forced to do it by the illumanti.
      Pac coming back because they said to him take a breather or we will kill you ( Jay-Z ) Because he was dissing the illumanti in his songs like the song killimunati.

      • he faked his death to hide from the illuminati. he ain’t coming back bc either the illuminati already found him or if not it’s still not safe bc if he comes back the illuminati will kill him. he faked his death but he ain’t coming back.

    • if he is faking his death then he a fake calling himself a real n8gga man thats like calling barack obama a white supremicts lmfao

      • he ain’t just faked his death for the hell of it. it was for his safety bc the illuminati wanted him dead.

      • I really wish people would let it go about these Elvis is alive and Tupac is alive stories lol I’m sure if he was (which he isn’t) he would’ve dropped some albums by now. His legacy and music lives on and is the real Makaveli.

  2. Oh goodness, this is just too much to handle. Now after preparing and surviving 2012 I gota be on the lookout for the return of Tupac?!

    I ain’t as young as I used to be, I don’t know if I have the stamina for this emotional roller coaster.

  3. you never know who’s coming back and when they do are you ready??

  4. Can’t wait if he is coming back!!

    • damn man i thought i was the last person supporting the man dude but i hope he comes back.hell yeah come back my brother.makaveli boss of all bosses take over again brother.2pac brother for life man he used to sang hit’em up come back!!!

    • 2pac rocks least im not the only one supporting fan they used to tell me that im just kid so i can’t listen to his music but hell yeah he’s the man.

  5. The return of 2pac in the year 2020
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  7. I believe it would be 2014..bc of his obsession with the number 7..and that fake death at 25..come back at 43..both equal does 2014..also he died in 1996..if u add that’s 25..2 plus 5 is 7..sooo if all these other theories are true!..I’ll be waiting for ur return pac! =)

  8. this video is well researched but it’s confusing now? what if he doesn’t show 2014? I just hope he’s really aluv because he didn’t deserve to die

  9. I was with pac drinking

  10. it’s all bullshit, and even if it was true, he’d be locked up for a long time if he came back. you can’t fake your own death mate.

    • they cannot lock tupac up because he faked his death,why? because he did it in las vegas and las vegas is not a legal state first to begin with..the next thing have you been recently listening all tupac imitators ? all of them are part of his ressurection..he is doing writing and there singing over those sounds some of those songs tupac has sang a verse or two..go to youtube type in hail mary part 2 and you’ll here kasinova paying tribute to pac but the second verse of the song is tupac rapping anyone can notice tupac voice or his lyrics when he’s singing

    • if you fake you death for more than 7 years you cant be convicted.

      • double jeopardy..look it up can fake ur death aslong as 7 years went by…ya who dont know ur research..if you go missing 4 a certain amount of are automaticity are consider dead..with that said how can you charge a crime to a deadman?

      • Sean, do you even know what double jeopardy is? What you’re thinking of is a statute of limitations, which limits the amount of time under which someone can be charged with a crime. Double jeopardy refers to our right to not be forced to stand trial for the same crime more than once after being found innocent the first time. Also, a missing person may be considered dead after a certain amount of time, but that doesn’t mean they stay legally dead if they were to show back up. What do you think happens to kidnapping victims that are found years later? Try being a little less ignorant.

      • is it just me or is it weird that if you fake your death for 7 years you dont get convicted

      • no it has to be 17

    • He actually wouldn’t be in any trouble as long as there wasn’t an actual death certificate ordered & received by the family, and as long as no one filed for death benefits on behalf of his death. So all in all, if none of the above happened he’s a free man. Several people have faked their deaths in fun & to make a point but neither a death certificate nor death benefits were applied for so they were within legal grounds. Because the law wasn’t caught up in their cases what so ever. Now on the other if the law was involved in any of 2Pac’s faked death he could be brought up on filing a fake police report, but that can also be null & void because if he actually sustained gun shot wounds, theres nothing false about that report.

    • @Johnny – Uhmm uu actually can fake ur death son . bcuz my auntie faked her death bcuz of these dudes who wer planning to kill her now she is living the islands .. yes i do understand that Pac can serve time for faking his death for sooooo long but it will be a blessing to see one of the worlds greatest rappers ever known to man even if he is old and not as good looking as he was Be4 he ” So call DIED “

      • u are right beautiful disastrxx

      • On this vid I saw something flicker at the time when they were reporting in the hospital… black and white photo of somethin

      • I know he is not dead their is private shipments from cuba mexico and jamaica (witch in fact were sightings of pac)shipments of his raps videos poems and they were sent to his mom who’s publishing all his stuff im a rapper myself I know stuff no one will ever guess hit me up at

      • Hpe wat u guy r sayin true coz i dnt belive that is bct omg…

    • He would not get locked up because when and if he comes back he wont be making big appearences of big scenes

    • Why not? He got money and he could do anything he want

  11. I hope he comes back. I really do believe he is alive

    Not only about the cnn news thing but the guy that was said to be tupac that died did not have the tat that tupac had. I jus think something is up with all of it

  12. Pac faked his own death cuz his corpse&grave arenot shown,when dey said he is dead…well am looking forward to xpecting him.

    • he was cremated so no one will ever know if he is dead or alive unless he comes back one day

      • He was not damn cremated cuz! He probably was paid to say dat he did. -.- And anyways didn’t da dude who supposedly ‘cremated’ tupac fucking disappear later afta dat. Smh and usually before they cremate him some parents would still wanna see dey child befo dey get turned into ASHES!

  13. 2pac was bringing back the black panthers b4 he was killed. if he is alive he faked his death to run from the goverment trying to kill him. i hope he is alive. i would love 2c him come back

  14. This is all a fake pile of garbage! Pac had a lot of enemies when he was alive, indeed, but he also had a lot of friends and fans whose hearts were broken when he past away. Don’t you think that 90% of these people will see him differently if he does come back? Cause he’s not Jesus man. If Pac is really alive he’ll live a normal, away from the public life, and he’ll eventually die an old man and no one will even know. He won’t come back to the spotlight to be dissed by probably every man who loved him then. So cut the crap y’all and be realistic about this. 2PAC is dead and that’s why he’s a legend.R.I.P.

    • I think he is tryna hide or destroy his enemy then he’ll come back to the spotlight

    • That’s where you’re wrong, his real, ‘true’ friends would understand and respect what he did, because he had to do it, and if you think differently in a negative way after his reappearance (if he reappears, of course) then that just shows you’re not a real fan.

  15. pac will be back when he does were gonna party like its 1999 😉

  16. All this is just too complicated, I guess only God and Tupac knows the real truth

  17. tupac is alive i have been watch videoes on him a nd every song there a 7 involved and if u add 2+0+1+4=7 it true tupac is alive and and if he is really dead i did not get to know him are his music because i was born on the day that they said he died

  18. In one of his tracks he rapped about Sept 11th. How cud he have known about that before he died wen it didn’t happen till after he died. Also his sister lives in Cuba. And y was their no body and no funeral? Think about it!!!! He is alive but I don’t think he is coming back. Y wud he. He has a new life with a new identity. He wants to be left alone.

    • It ain’t him it’s sum guy call’d the realist who tryin to sound lyk pac trust me it ain’t him

    • He was not rapping about 9-11, he was rapping about the bombings in the basement of the towers in ’95. Two vans were supposed to blow up and bring the towers down. That’s how we got dessert storm.

      • desert storm happened before 95. 91 or 92. And the bombings were bin laden, not iraq.

    • In “Heaven Got a Ghetto” Pac says:
      “And now Bush Can’t Stop the Hit, I predicted this shit…”

      and in “The Good Die Young” he says:
      “It was more than a tragedy, emotions be grabbing me, PLANE FELL FROM THE SKY, we trying to figure what happened…”

  19. Primaru. You’re a fuckhead. Everyone would be happy if he came back he wouldve been killed if he stayed. You’re garbage and full of shit

  20. if we looked to tupac as aman what he wanted? He wanted to be a legend. Not after this masters game he’ed rather to live alone not after saying “still balin'”.

  21. Tupac is alive bcoz b4 he was been shot he was a bornagain and he will remain that till he die. If i were 2pac i will show up with some man of GOD

    • who told u pac was born again b4 his disappearance,4 ur info am also a fan of pac nd av nvr seen or hear that pac is born again

  22. you can hear him.talking about T.I.P and obama on the death facker song just write ”2pac is alive 2009 death facker

  23. write ”2pac is alive 2009 death facker” on youtube and tell me what you think

  24. That video above is fake, it was the first tine he got shot, remember 2 times he got shot, stupid

  25. Listen to the music to the end justin death faker song on youtube..

  26. Tupac is alive he rapped about TI and obama just write on youtube”2pac is alive death faker 2009” and lisren to the song to the end.

  27. i think he will come back nextyear in may, mayb since everyone says one thing and he will do the other. and i bet if he is alive he is laughin at some people for what they say and think him bein alive and dead lol but as far as i know he is in all his true fans hearts and and family’s i love 2pac he is and always will be #1 foreva mwah

  28. yes you can fake your on death it called wittness protection ……once you dont have nothing to be protected from then you return If thats what you choose

  29. makes sense but Assata Shakur isn’t his sister– it’s his stepfather’s sister .

  30. i dont even know what to think but of he is alive i cant wait for him to come back i love him and wish he was alive

  31. all black people look the same

  32. Y’al peepz r jst talkn sh.t! If u luvd th nigga, u wudnt b syin all ths ###, let hm rest in peace if he dead, nd let hm liv in peace if he alive, y’al niggaz jumpn up nd down like kids, “tupac is dead, no he alive”, it, whreva he is he doesnt gv a abwt u!! So grow up y’all! nxa!

  33. this has some really good points but I would give my own life for Pac to still be here but for some reason I can’t believe it, sorrrrry !

  34. one luv to 2pac we luv him

  35. 2pac is alive he did this to excape prison but he aint comming back

  36. i cant speak for e presley and all the other celebrities people think they faked his death. i can talk about tupac because i know he faked his death . u fans gotta annoy his boys asking to pac return thats one way ull be closer to pac returning dont turn this down hes still not dead its up to u fans now to get him back . u guys do that we all gonna party like its 1999 tupac amaru shakur 1971 –

  37. Expect me nigga like u expect Jesus to cum back, expect me nigga, um cumin!

  38. this all comes together know hope he does come back but he probaly wont be as respected as he once was

  39. oo i hope he comes back.. it’ll be soo cool.. but then again.. it can be a coincidence too..who knows.. only god does.. but still even tho people say hes dead to let him R.I.P and some say hes alive that hes coming back.. they’re all just our opinions.. we’ll never know.. NOT UNTIL 2014 that is!!

  40. um th 1st 1 2 comment on ths site ths year! how sweet! all y’all! Pac, only 3 yearz left! i bet sum of us or maybe u Pac wil b dead by then! thuglife we’r stil livin it outlaw 4 life, in the name of th don, letz go, woooooo!!!

  41. Hes and will be until the end of time!4eva TUPAC…!Dope n Henessy

  42. just wanna trow this in 1996-2012 16 years dead 1+6=7 there is too many diffrent ways to put it in for anyone to be guessing key word …if he dead or alive he has somany songs out now i wouldnt care or need more he left us with enough great songs

  43. He’s alive and he will be back in 2014 add it up 2+0+1+4=7 he will be 43 that’s another seven…he said to expect him so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do with a bottle of remy and alize’ and a fatt ass blunt for pac..he live he really does….

    • u cant say 2pac can rest in peace if he ain’t dead and when he come back we gone party like its makeveli time AND like its 1996 AND like its 2014 and we all gone collect 1,996 blunts and give them to 2pac den go rob a place and get 2,014 and give them to 2pac and we could give him the bestes’t return ever cause yawl….2pac is living healthy and has a fresh and comfortable live and right now hes probaly leaning back in a $1,000,00 recliner smoking a damn good blunt and he probaly coughing da smoke up to heven saying ill be there oneday smiling and i know he is livin da black and good life but one thing…even doe he is alive….why don’t he go see his mom…cause she saying he dead ……but she will see it on da news in 2014 and day gone be saying uhh we have spotted somebody that looks like a figere of 2pac amaru shakur

  44. tupac ws a gansta faked his death as he preditcted wat was goin till happen i fink the mans out ere gna COME BK no fairy tale a young black mail were balls a stell lifed his life an became a legend this essence we all know so if he dsnt come bk he hgas naffin 2 prove he proved his point throught death the man was a fuckin poet didint give a fuck wether u were black ere white if u had respect u gt his .ws a thug new ere ws money da be made didnt fuck about an look like the sucker let the bitches be the suckers wif a bottle a hendesy puffin on the weed in the mans head smokin it through it he wAS FREED FS LISTENEN TILL HIS LIRIQUES LETHAL THEY R HOPIN LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER WATS SUUP CN U PUT UR MIDDLE FINGER OUT THE WINDY WHILE GETTIN FUCKD OF LIQUOIR ; thug 4 life RI.P AN ALL U JELOUS MOTHERFUCKERS OUT ERE CNT SEE THAT THUGS DNT DIE THEY GET HIGH AN MULTIPLY .BIGGIE AN 2 PAC EVEN THOUGH U WERE PROPER GANSTAS U SHOULLD TOOK IT TILL THE STREETS 4 A FAIR DIG {brawl] EN UD BE HERE PROBLY TILL THIS DAY ` tupac lengend r.i.p


  46. i think he is alive i hope he is but it could be shit

  47. da nigga cumin bck

  48. 2pac is coming back,he promised and he always kip 2 his promises…..out lawz 4 life,makaveli,thugnigga where are u at…

    • Hey im alive, niggas i wan’t ya to know that i will be back in 2014 so aight so yo there brothas!

  49. Pac live in your hearts niggaz 🙂
    We loved him so much but God love him more..

  50. i love tupac his music is so real with every word i hope he is still alive that would make me so happy i watch his videos on u tube i feel so empty inside of the thought of him being gone one of many of your biggest fans

  51. i love you tupac every word of his songs are real and about his life i watch u tube videos every day i would be so happy if tupac was alive love you tupac from one of your many fans

  52. let ma nigga rest in peace ya digg

  53. i believe tupac will return and ride on puffy and whoever else that crossed him the wrong way and until his return i’m gonna sit back and bump all eyez on me and makaveli while sippin on hennessy,tangueray,and alize then tell my big homie mon and the rest of the fella’s to let’s ride toe ello pollo loco afterwards lil mufasa shakur b.k.a lil richard will hit the studio on these ol hating ass bitches, while puffin on a fuckin newport.

  54. He won’t last long even if he came back

    • I will b something if tupac does come bck ..but nt to get bck in the rap game but to see how everybody doin

  55. hes coming back. i want you all to know. he’s coming back.
    for all the non believers, we’ll see who’s right in 2014. theres to many signs. even in the video it shows the car he was driving in before he got shot up. then after he got shot they show the police collecting evidence…. first off in the picture before he gets shot theres a multi spoke rim, nice and expensive. then in the video where it shows police collecting evidence he has some stupid walmart rims. c’mon Tupac wouldn’t be caught dead riding in those rims lol…. or would he ? i think hes coming back along with many others. hopefully hes takin care of all his enemies so he can be tupac shakur, or even makaveli would be good. as long as his fans knew it was him. so we can keep him in our hearts, knowing that hes still breathing and still trying to make us smile with his ballin tracks and one hit wonderz. Tupac is a legend to me and always will be. my hero. dead or alive. if hes dead, let him rest in peace cause hes done so much for his fans he deserves some peace. and if hes alive then good for him and now he can keep making rap songs and doing his thang.

    – Feendawg.

  56. mmm if tupac was alive where would he beee! Nd he has tatoos nd common sum1 has gota seen him around fark man. Or mayb hes done a make over. Love u tupac

    • when he died they said he was rushed away in an ambulance.. look for the news report, the girls says he is taken to the hospital by helicopter. so tupac escapes to new mexico, where he is dropped off, the specific place in new mexico where he was supposedly dropped off is called rukahs….. please tell me what that place is spelled backwards……… yeah, thats right. then he goes to cuba, where his sister already lives. Different laws in mexico. Go on youtube and type in, eminem freestyle fubba U cubba cubba. listen to 1:32 – 1:37, he says: hiphop aint been the same, since tupac moved to cuba on us. explain that. just got to put the peices together.


  57. johney u can fake ur death ………mate

  58. the greatest rapper of all time is still alive. i love u 2pac. pls come back on time.

  59. shit tupac needs 2 come back all this fake wack ass wannabe gangsta music thats out now these niggas suck tupac is tha greatest and if hes alive and comes back yall already know whats up 2pac is a real gangsta like me and real and thats y we’ll b tha last motha fuckas breathin

  60. If u are alive homie just come back niggas disrespecting your name homie. If u are really gone look over your true follower

  61. 2pac was born in 1971 and if he comes back in 2014, he’ll be 43 then. 4+3=7. again. if he does that..then he’s a genius.

    • 1+9+7+1=18 If he comes back next year in 2014 that’ll be 18 years that he’s been missing!

  62. This is serious stuff guys. It aint no joke. Im from South Africa. God sent me to be on a music industry to help all the 1s who are in the system. Ill be at Roc Nation this year! Fynd ma name on Myspace , twitter and facebook RAPTYLE! i had this dream that legends are cumming back! Il be Gods leged! They will first put me to Sins land and ill see watsup! Then im getting stuff u wont knw! These guys control the Body, mind and soul! 50cent i see his money gettng low, chrisbrown no record label. All legends r dead except Jay! And me! U rememba this. Jesus is cuming soon!

  63. I knw wer they are! illuminati hided Tupac!

    • hided? It is hid you ignorant fuck. I cannot believe how many seemingly uneducated people there are on this sight. It makes me want to puke. Is this the direction the world is going? I can barely read half of this shit!

  64. I knw wer they are! illuminati hided Tupac! N guys You beda tell T.I coz hiz next! Cnt u js see dat!

  65. ok i have always been listening to 2pac and his saying in a few songs he says expect me nigga like you expect jesus im comming, and in his other song he says picture me dying in the hail of gunfie…. i don’t know if its a message but means something ….. if 2pac comes back it will mean war against some people like puffy and others

  66. dis is crazzy
    if 2pac really came back
    everyone would hate him
    he is dead people!!!!!!
    leave it alone!

  67. so is biggie dead? and if he is did he get shot for nothing noww?…..that’s shityyy.

  68. ohh and 2014…2+0+1+4=7(:

  69. please 2pac if u are alive help us come back in that enemy’s will believe u are alife.iam in nigeria yola but iam listining to ur songs. love u.

  70. []Pipul wch credo mutwa’s video with david icke on yotube true afrikan knwoledge -nd stop talkin sht bwt pac-

  71. 2pac ths ,2pac thet, Dawnload free mixtape bomo entertainment. Fresh frm afrika venda ndibomo[]

  72. 2pac ths ,2pac thet, Dawnload free mixtape bomo entertainment. Fresh frm south afrika venda ndibomo[]

  73. he died in 1996 !! 1+9=10-9=1+6=7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. pac please come back i fucken love u man all this new rap is shit we need real shit back like urs! u spoke the truth in ur rap. u inspire me man i honestly hope that u r alive! fuck any1 who disses u u’ll find a way 2tell them 2 fuck off cuz ur the man! people just jealous cuz they cant rap like u and i dont wanna waittil 2014 4 u man fucken come back dawg we need u! every1’s goin thru tough shit now and we need ur music 2 lift us! come back man!!!!

  75. PAC had us all fooled if this nigga faked his death! If he did fake his death then I lose all respect for this nigga!

  76. The new tracks that are out it ain’t tupac it’s sum guy call’d the realist Who tryin sound lyk pac trust me it ain’t him 100%

  77. WOW! hey you can’t blame tupac that’s a straight up true thug Angel.7 you got to do what you got to do in life luve 2pac

  78. 1996 when he supposedly died 1+9=10-9=1+6= 7

  79. Yoh niggas pac runaway n facke death bcos these iluminati supporters were sent 2 kill him anyway if he is still alive he will b back

  80. 2pac is alive, we were smoking and drinking alize in havana in 2010 new years

  81. how about all of the people that say no one will like him, why would u even waste ur time reading this forum. if everyone would just shut the hell up and see what happens in 2014, we will be alright. if you dont like him keep your opinions to ur self

  82. You know whats funny?
    The hospital said Suge Knight drove 2Pac to the hospital

    The witness’s said he was taken in by a helicopter

    The media said 2Pac was picked up by an ambulance after Pac got “shot”

    Them bitches are coverin up his death so badly. I can’t wait for 2014. Hail mary Makaveli we miss you!!!

  83. okay i believe dis but i think that the hospital thing were two different ones and the guys voice faded at 5:37 i mean wats up with dat… Nice Vid though

  84. hopfully he dose cum back but if he dose ill still respect him cuz like he needed 2 fake his death otherwise he wud of been kille 4 real

  85. i believe he is coming back well hopfully eneyway 🙂

  86. Hey yo to all ‘2pac fans,jst let u all be assure that our Nigga still alive,so fcuk all ur,who tryna dissin’ ‘2pac,they’r fakers & Haters, ‘cos in ‘Tupac’s word,he alwys sayin’ in his lyric, “Ain’t no luv in da street,if I culd got a peaceful wher’ I can keep my head save’ so those Mothrfcuk ain’t undrstnd ‘2pac shits ‘cos he’s someone who alwys talkin’ in parables,,,so I got 100% beliv’ dat “Tupac is still alive’ & can’t wait ’till 2014 to my real “G ‘2pac,,, They call me ‘2SHINE” ainakt nobody lik’ me ‘cos I be me of myslf…

  87. You guyz keeps on making hell of noise,wht u gt 2 do is 2 sht ur hole of pussy nd wait till 2014 nd c wht will happen.

  88. this is my niqqa i love himm but he not dead he still alivee and he a true leqend dnt care what nobody qots to say and you and my dad is just alike love you tupac and yhuu are a trueee ass niqqa on somee real shitt


  90. this shit is fake ass fuck 2pac is dead so leave him dead (you people gott’em turning over in his grave u should be ashamed to speak on his name)

  91. true legend no matter what!

  92. I know u stiill alive, shiiiit nigga……, u smart as fuck, I see where who soaked up all my game from. U Big Bro, Thug Life Reck’n Shit!

  93. Man” he aint dead its bullshxtt icnt say he comin bac but hell I understand yy he faked his deàth I would do thee samee… Shxt 2pac my lifee if he kamee bac he wuld uu lil niqqaz 2 shamee aint 2pac a real niqqa a true rapper ? Hell yeah ! He is.! But for now fuck off hiz dick ! And suckk a young money’s dick bitch if he comee backk den yeahh all uu non-believers suck his dick and kiss his ass if he don’t den babyy you’ll be truely missed by many havv funn livin a peaceful lifee baee luvv uu no more drama u’ve done your tym now its tymm 4 ur heart 2 shine no more tears .!

  94. Man” he aint dead its bullshxtt icnt say he comin bac but hell I understand yy he faked his deàth I would do thee samee… Shxt 2pac my lifee if he kamee bac he wuld. Put uu lil niqqaz 2 shamee aint 2pac a real niqqa a true rapper ? Hell yeah ! He is.! But for now fuck off hiz dick ! And suckk a young money’s dick bitch if he comee backk den yeahh all uu non-believers suck his dick and kiss his ass if he don’t den babyy you’ll be truely missed by many havv funn livin a peaceful lifee baee luvv uu no more drama u’ve done your tym now its tymm 4 ur heart 2 shine no more tears .! — Yepp Female speakin! ❤ 2+0+1+4 =7

  95. nigas nigas nigas you all need ta understand he WILL COME BACK

  96. In the song bomb 1st he say we aint even come to fight tonight what happened b4 he got shot. but its my life or your life.who died after

  97. 2pac aint dead cause im hanging out wit him right now and were smokin a blunt then we r going to have gay sex like we always do

  98. well i dont care what others say about tupac being back i think he is back But there is a 50% he is back and 50% he isnt,it would have been nice if he was loved his music all the way

  99. When Jesus cums we l al b dere 2geda wit Pac..

  100. And the cops weren’t wearing gloves to keep their finger prints off the doors

  101. 1996-2014 would be 18 years 2014-1996=18 and 8-1=7 see a pattern here

  102. Now do you still think it’s fake



  104. Play basketbAll man

  105. You faggot wat kinda heart do you got HE’S ALIVE

  106. every fucking year these rumours and ‘theories’ about how he is going to return pop up. he isn’t coming back. just enjoy his musical legacy. for the record, it is illegal to fake your death. 2pac was not obsessed with the number 7, it was simply the amount of days it took to record his 7 day theory album. he was highly influenced by Machiovelli and appreciated his writing at the time of this record. nothing else.

  107. furthermore to my above comment, be on the look out for kurupt’s “answers” track, which will speak on these 2pac rumours.

  108. one day,tupac will return,better than ever,shocking the world with 😀 all the songs he made while he was in cuba lol

  109. I personaly cant wait for his return, am watching the space… He said ‘only God can judge me’

    ” I’ve been trapped since birth, cautious, cause I’m cursed”
    ” Jealousy inside, make em wish I died”
    ” Recollect your thoughts don’t get caught up in the mix
    cause the media is full of dirty tricks”

    I am confused but I believe he is alive…

    • I havent read something soo good and clearly understandable>>>I share the same thought>>God Judges My Every Calculated Step} cause we all have to die once in order to have life everlasting…Pray Pray and Pray>>>>4reals… and he will reveal himself to you personaly cause i have bear witness to some personal revelations that i know where am going and purpose >>>God Bless a Sister in Christ>>> Me>>

  110. If his alive did any one see him

  111. Hey Pac, I saw Suge on TMZ the other day talkin sh*t to Puffy, calling him Bucky. Oh and the movie Notorious comes on right after. So when you come back in ’14 I’ll be waiting just remember all the hype that got started and what got you where your at. “I’ll see you when we get there.”

    • Pac coming back in 2014 he is going to Finnish what he left of and thats exposing the Illuminati and the hip hop industry for what they really are sell outs .

  112. hea is 2pac coming bk on the show in 2014????

  113. 1 Thing 4shOo 2pac out there! Imma come back mi seh!

  114. maybe the government faked his death because of those people that allegedly shot him were after him…? So they just want them to think he’s dead?

  115. wow if this is true he would have to be one smart guy to organize this. I really hope he does come back in 2014, imagine the hype! Would be amazing as he died the year I was born.

  116. Im a huge 2pac fan and if he dis fake his death how can we be certain he will come back i mean his master plan would be ruined because everyone is talking about it i really want pac back but its just to complicated to believe

  117. seriously if tupac is a live and he will come back in 2014 than seriously i am going to the place where he is and gonna meet him i love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  118. If you notice, Tupac was really into numerology. And if you also researched the death of Lisa Lopes, aka” Left Eye”, she was really deep into numerology. And her and Pac did date for a year, She also stated she and Pac were very close. If you see her VH1 special, they show how she uses numerology everyday. Do you think there is some weird connection?

    • 2pacs mother went to South Africas famous ghetto to leave sme of his ashes there. Do u thnk she would realy go there to leave fake tree leaves ashes claiming they r pacs?

    • I read a lot about 2Pac and came to conclusion he is alive. I just saw the “Last Days of Left Eye” documentary on VH1 (also on YouTube) and she looked directly at the camera and gave a devious smile right before the crash. I know that 2Pac and Left Eye had been planning to get back together before 2Pac’s “death”.

  119. I Wish He Comes Back , It Would Be Scary But Wicked He Would Take Over The Music Industry…

  120. I wil be happy if it is true that makaveli stil alive

  121. I wsh 2pac culd cum back as thy ar sayng

  122. How can i confirm tha 2pac is alive?

  123. HoLa RaZa!!! I am CaSpEr a BiG FaN oF mY HoMiE (*TuPaC*) May He ReSt iN pEaCe if he is actually deceised… I agree w/ AnOnYmOuS if 2PaC did fake his death and would supposedly come bk in 2014 that means he either had the iLLuMiNaTi help or some other government agency High Profile covert this operation either this country or somewere else. He alone or even with close associates can not take this on or could they??? So many questions but no definate answers soley based non bias information???? As 4myself “OnLy GoD kNoWs” and his legacy LiVeS 4 eVeR ….. EsE….. A HoMeGiRL Blast From The Past….

  124. LoOk @ those #’s the date & time WoOw….

  125. If Tupac is alive the nigga better cum back cous the iliminaty haz fuck up the world and us niggas will die befour we serender to them mothefuckes we will win thise batile so fuck iliminaty all u iliminaty fans out thear fuck u to u niggas betraid the natural order of the world for now i no u God is thear die slo matherfuckers God go maik sho ur children dont gro un punish so injoy ur freedom for now cos its about to end…..!!!!!!

    • Yes the secret is out the one’s in CoNtRoL is them unfourtunantly >>> WoOw if PaC comes bk and therefore that he faked his death DaM iT SeRiO Trip-Out>>>PaC must of had some kind of HeLp from the Elite to pull Hard Core S__T Like That>>>or who ever helped him pull it out are freaken down EsE’s>>>>for reals….{*La*CaSpEr*}

  126. I think gulag alive and I still believe that he is and I really don’t care what others say

  127. I am so ready for the arrival of Tupac. I miss his music, he style, his swag. Everything! #BringPacBack!

  128. fuck niggaz! white pride! tupac sucked white mans cock!!

  129. 2pac!!! i’m waiting for you bro, i can’t wiat till its fukin 2014 nigga!!!!1 hope you com back mayne, i fukin love you so much tupac!

  130. Well here is one way to see if tupac died or not , did u find his BODY in the car ??? if u did nto then he is still alive

  131. i think that tupac is still alive

  132. i think tupac is alive 2

  133. There’s only one way to find out. Wait until 2014…

  134. Leave 2pac alone bro…if he is alive then he is but if his not then leave the poor guy to rest in peace…Tupac ❤

  135. Mfanelo is the best rapper in south africa

  136. Has no one considered the possibility that he entered into the witness protection program? It explains the apparent government cooperation that would’ve needed to occur; otherwise a hospital death would be near impossible considering they would have to account for a missing celebrity body.

  137. law states in the state of nevada that if someone has made and atempt on your life more then once you can fake your death for up to 7 years ..if pac came back he’d probably go to jail..another thing if he was hiding out his name wouldnt be tupac think about it got people out to kill you youve been relocated ..Nah dudes dead

  138. Am a great fan of pac and i will be very much happy to see him again.. But there is legal consequences to worry about.

  139. I want assure maybe 2pac is alive.

  140. No way if anything he will comeback when he is 52. 5+2=7 and it is the age he died fliped around.

  141. i hope tupacs alive , if he does return there is no saying if its an impersonator or not
    but like everyone else said
    i believe he will come back but if he doesnt
    theres going to be rumors for decades and decades
    if there is proof that hes dead
    just let him rest in peace…

  142. 2pac will be back for me because i love hw he reap his dressing makes me happy i pray that he will be back aman pac ur alive i belive so.

  143. I hope he cums back and may not be arrest

  144. I hope he cums back it will be breaking news

  145. I have been a fan of Tupac since around 94 when I was a young girl. I remember his death vividly.
    Can I raise a few comments?

    Firstly, the footage from the investigation at the crime scene in your video are so blurry, they are almost inadmissible.

    Secondly, the “last photo” of Pac…. is it possible that a fan used the image of Tupac and Suge in the car and created this image using Photoshop (I am a Graphic Artist and have been using Photoshop since 1997)

    Third, was the photo of Pac and Suge in the “multi-spoke wheel” BMW actually OFFICIALLY taken on the night of Tupac’s death?

    Fourth, the reporter who states what Tupac’s family was told about him supposedly being expected to “recover from his injuries” is “reported”. When news reporters say “reportedly” in their statements, it means they are going on hearsay and rumours.

    Fifth, yes, we all know the autopsy photo is fake. It was created by a fan (?)

    Sixth, I am also interested in numerology. You can make basic numeric equations out of anything.
    Eg. My grandma died 10/22 =5,
    my grandpa died 23 years after his wife
    He died on , 3/2. 2+3=5
    My mum’s favourite number is 5.
    When I was born I was 5 lb and I was in the hospital for 5 days….
    As I said, you can find coincidences in numbers everywhere.

    Seventh, Tupac talked (and rapped) about his inevitable death throughout his whole career (constantly!).
    The (I wonder If Heaven Gotta Ghetto) posthumous filmclip was not necessarily a “prophecy”. He often depicted many facets of life in his poetry and music. Not all of which were autobiographical.

    Sorry, but as far as I am concerned, he is gone. That’s my belief

  146. 2pac alive wait for u 2014

  147. pac is dead n I ain comin back……

  148. Let me get an intern just pay me please

  149. Check my website let me do something at new york please

  150. Biggie raps about the world trade center blowing up in his song. Fuck pac, I wish biggie was coming back to kill the game again!!!

  151. 2pac kill biggie noob hahahaha

  152. Mehn I can,t wait u ma nigga


  154. blive 2pac z nt dead and am luking forwad 2c hm on 2014,his legacy stil on

  155. I think tupacs alive for many reasons. first off tupcs mother was interviewed on mtv the day after his shooting and was not crying at all about it.
    number two alot of his songs talked about death, he wanted to die.
    number three there was never a funeral for him on mtv they tried to have one two times got canceled.
    four tupac was leaving death row records and suge knight was mad because of it and had him killed over it.
    all the body guards were told by suge knight himself not not carry wepons with him the knight of the shooting.
    so noone did except one gaurd and the guard told suge knight i wont wont unless i can carry a weapon then suge knight transfered him to another club to work sucurity.
    the man who supposedly killed tupac is dead now a year after
    another thing is none eas charged for his murder even though there is more then enough evidence to prove who did it
    also the main bodyguard who was protecting paced died in 2008.
    so lets see almost everyone whow as involved with tupac in 1996 his not alive anymore yet noone has been charged for it. suspicious isnt it.
    also when biggie died noone ver talked about him the way tupac was talked about because he was actully buried.
    plus why would tupac main bodyguard do interviews on camera and spill the whole story of everything that happend, yet now he is dead. and also tupac was always talking about duying and rapping aabout returning you dont rap about serious things like that unless u want tos end a message to everyone.
    if tuipac is alive this will be the best news . just so many unanswered questions.
    why would noone get charged even though its clear who was involved with the shooting?? very few people if any who knew what actaully happend are still alive that must tell you something he is alive and never died because they are dying 1 after 1 if they had anything to do witth tupac. also my info comes from all the dvds about tupac and from what people who knew him said on the dvd so thats is probably why they arent alive now because they knew what happend and they paid the price to be honest about the truth.
    sorry its long but this is how i feel. let me know what people think about my views thanks

  156. I want to know, if tupac is still alive. I have been wondering why? He seem to not have been existing. Because i am one of his fan out here. Am really worried about him.

  157. People and fans over the years are still talking about 2pac, Is he dead or alive i don’t know and i can’t say. but what i will say is all of these years even in death he is still one of the most talked about person.

  158. 2 pac s stil alive m one of his fans. MAKAVELI the name means a lot

  159. I actualy Have two diffrent picture of suge and tupac in the car:)

  160. how could 2pac comes back while he is dead

  161. AM not belive that 2pac is alive

    • Tupac might be alive but i highly doubt it though, pac was all about the lime light and had to much to say to fake his death. when he died or faked his death he was still preaching to the people i don’t think he would turn his back on the millions of people that were his fans.

  162. I juz wana knw whr he is ryt knw coz some people say he is in namibia? I wl wait my # 1 idol 2 return in 2014

  163. tupac got shot hes dead ya fools

  164. fuck tupac fuck biggie eazy e is da best

  165. tupacs shit ass holes east cost bad boy niggas fuck ya R.I.P Biggie

  166. ya fuck tupac he is carp R.I.P BIG

    • na nigga fuck you u punk bitch tupac is a legend biggie wasnt shit and aint shit but a fat fuck retard

  167. Anyone bitchin about the car that was bein “investigated”….. IT WAS The CoRONErs CAR. Did anyone see one bullet hole in the door? It just so happens to also be a Beamer. Diff model though. MAN some people are stupid. But everything else is interesting. Also when Pac was locked up he read Machiavelli’s (however the fuck you spell it) books. In the book he says to kill oneself @ 25 and come back @ 43. Tupac was 25 when he died. 2014 he’ll be 43. SEE YA LATA

  168. tupac is dead hes not comein back in 2014 just let him live hes life

  169. K people tupac faked his death. Yes. But it doesn’t matter how long he is gone. He can never be arriceded for faking his death. But it would be stupid for him to come back. Anyone now could kill him and not get in trouble. Its called doublejepurty.

    • No double jeopardy wouldn’t work there because no one was convicted of killing tupac. so if someone was convited and did their sentence and then killed him. he wouldnt get in trouble but since noone was convicted anyone who kills him would be arrested. thats why they call it DOUBLE jeopardy. cuz u cant be convicted twice of same crime.

  170. All the pictures and footage are blurry as hell, you cant even see the difference between the car n the wheels.. wtf is this crap.

  171. I see both sides to each stories. He’s alive, he isn’t. I have a feeling…A good feeling that he might still be alive. I am hoping that he is…
    But if he isn’t then RIP Tupac </3


  173. We are all Hoping that 2Pac is really alive , but hey people, accept the facts and let the man rests in peace.

  174. while reading all this posts, i become sure that he’s still alive …….. in our hearts for sure !! Rest with peace 2Pac !!

  175. I realy can’t wait for the reborn makaveli to deal wit the fucking motherfuckers(kill them ya)

  176. i never know 2pac is alive,but thnk God my nigga is back!!!!

  177. I now that 2pac is alive & i belive dat, shorly he will b back. Action can dead but not like him he wil stil die but not in dat age. Affter 16 years ago many thins as passed 2 & i dont think dat he has any coment with any goverment again. Do not troble d guy as he com back in peace and cool mind. If not he wil show u & tell u what red eyes stand 4. But do u tink 2pac & snodog will cuntinu as they do be for?

  178. I now that 2pac is alive & i belive dat, shorly he will b back. Action man can dead but not like him he wil stil die but not in dat age. Affter 16 years ago many things as pass & i dont think dat he has any coment with any goverment again. Do not troble d guy as he com back in peace and cool mind. If not he wil show u & tell u what red eyes stand 4. But do u tink 2pac & snodog will cuntinu as they do be for?

  179. I now that 2pac is alive & i belive dat, shorly he will b back. Action man can dead but not like him he wil stil die but not in dat age. Affter 16 years ago many things as pass & i dont think dat he has any coment with any goverment again. Do not troble d guy as he com back in peace and cool mind. If not he wil show u & tell u what red eyes stand 4. But do u tink 2pac & snodog will cuntinu as they do be for?

  180. i got a news that the real man (TUPAC) is back is’t true?

  181. let me guess biggie is alive too

  182. He’s coming back in the year 2014 because 2+0+1+4= 7!!!!! We’re back to the 7 theory!!

  183. Everyone tell me if 2pac is realy alive

  184. i believe 2pac is out there, he is still alive.

  185. Ok look here is my thoughts,I believe he is alive and I believe he will return. At least that is my hope 2 pac was more then just a rapper, he was an icon to millions and a light of hope that even when you have nuthin by sheer force of will you can be something. He is awsome, thru life and death and his return. He did not lose any fans he just needs to come back to put order to all the chaos that’s come out since is fake death and even if he was to be put in jail I know that his fans would get him out. Now listen and pay attention to my envisions as a rider. Yeah boy waiting for ya pac much love (tank)

  186. If 2 pac is coming back then the world is getting to end.

  187. If 2pac cum bak i will realy apreciat it cus his a gangstar i always admire

  188. i cant b,liv dis.

  189. what if tupac and biggie both came back at the same time and there whole fight was just a set up

  190. 2pac Is alive and coming back live…………………love 2pac by edwin kundushima chIrwua all de in 9ja

  191. On ma own i belief 2pac is alive. It is know he was shot, bt where is his remains? Where was 2pac buried?

  192. Why will he decide to come back 2014 and not long time ago where was he all this time when we missed him

  193. I wat 2 be updated about 2pac

  194. If 2pac is realy alive was he been hiding all this years becoz he is scared they would kill him cause they hate him

  195. fuck tupac dat fool is dead dat niga was shit he cant rap to save his life eazy e now dat was a raper he was da best out der and B.I.G was a fat basterd ur all fools u R.I.P EAZY E

  196. U lot don’t know shit listen u think 2pac u think 2pac is alive listen 2pac didn’t not give a fuck if he was alive he would be rapping by now no one could tell him shit he didn’t care about nuffing he would he hear now

  197. i realy lyk 2pac i knw i was too young wen he was stil raping but im a big fan nw adaz say hez dead wyl adaz say hez alive idk hu 2 listern nw

  198. you war young u fag u no notin about pac he got rape in jail he was a bum boy like u and im glad hes dead he wasint dat good any way ur all black basterds fuck pac fuck B.I.G and fuck eazy e dee got what was comein to dem lol i hate dem K.K.K
    and any u fools have to say someing say it ye black basterds

  199. i think he’s dead . but its kinda hard to believe any of it till you see it and it happens . but if he isnt , i hope he comes back soon cause if the so called illuminati is real , we should take em out .

  200. He dead in 4:03 (4+3=7) 13th August. His album 7th theory. Maybe he will come back in 2014(2+1+4=7)

  201. Tupac returned 16 years later as a hologram 1+6=7 and if you decode the album bar code that was released after he died it says 6132014 Witch is June 13th 2014 and it’s on a Friday witch is the 7th day of the week Also 2+4+1 is 7 . So June 13th 2014 tupac will return at at age 43 and btw 4+3 = 7.
    And 1 more detail, he was always wearing bullet-proof, so why didn’t he wear it on the day he died

  202. This is crazy!
    U better think about the coming of Christ and leave that poor gangsta alone…
    Even if he’s alive,i wish him death or changed to be a pastor coz the crimes and charges were too much!

  203. can u plz tel me if hes alive r dead i hope hes alive hes da best

  204. look im not saying to much cus i cant but hes comein back in 2014

  205. 2pac’s alive I hope so!! &Really want 2 see him

  206. Am 2pac fans i belive also dat 2pac is are life

    • i saw somebody that looks like tupac in Abuja Nigeria, he gat bin ladin stuff on, i called shakur nigga in a low key he said to me player haters just let me be for now until de D DAY! hahaha i laughed he smiled at me and move on. maybe he is alive u mudersukas blin blin.

  207. I dnt realy satisfy by dat point coz no body yet died and bring back again

  208. I realy believe dat oneday 2pac shacur d world rapa will come back 2 supris d world

  209. Hi u all out there. Be careful if u ain’t pac aka Makaveli fan. 2+5=7 and the time of the so call death was 04:03 am 0+4+0+3=7. Me livin in Africa me really wana see pac back. Just like Bob marley came 2 Africa so Lesane Parish came 2 USA but pac is pureprophet pure legend mum n dad pure black race. Keep it real 4 pac he know’s the start the middle the end so he knew what to do. He spoke the words bravely some in(paraboles) even b4. To all u people of lil faith replay pac’s track U CAN’T C ME. u blind in thoughts n visions . Now u betta reconize n pac is coming back to give life in HIP HOP coz it is a shame was hip hop is going through accept the fact. Respect 2 NAS, SNOOP DOG , DR DRE , THE GAME(will sit at pac left side) AND THE 50 CENT(will sit at pac right side). If u feel thierson then drope it @ Africa is my home down. May God Bless u all.

  210. and Tupac is dead.. let the man in peace. it is a little pac in all of us…
    baby it’s the thug’n me..;) follow tupac and remember him, then he still live in all of us.
    Rest in piece to tha Legend in this wicked Game.. the realist under thousend fake ass bitches, luv u

  211. i’m so interested to know….

  212. Let’s b watchin if 2pac will cums back.

  213. Let’s be watchin if 2pac will comes back. Okay

  214. Jaywon sayz Let’s be watchin if 2pac will comes back. Okay

  215. i gust have a strong belive that 2pac, 2pac my best friend is not yet death belive me, 2pac travil 4 menin years ego stil no 1 to brek his recnd in histry of music rappers in d world, pac com back com back 2pac let ur enemis be a shem

  216. i gust have a strong belive that 2pac, 2pac my best friend is not yet death belive me, 2pac travil 4 menin years ego stil no 1 to brek his recond in histry of music rappers in d world, pac com back com back 2pac let ur enemis be a shem, pls my men who is more then my own brothers pls

  217. Everything adds up. His death was staged. Look at his autopsy and then go watch “California Love” music video but look closely at the end when he’s in bed with that chick. They photoshopped his autopsy. He’s still alive.

  218. I really believe that TuPac shakur is stil alive and he’ll be back in 2014

  219. @ first I would just say hes dead and at peace until I start doing some research…im starting to believe hes alive and – hope he comes bac the year he says he is…he makes awesome music and im sure the world misses him…but to go into hiddinng that long….that wats making a little unsure about hm being ailve.

  220. Follow me on twitter @Aneh_khalifa

  221. Hey guys! 2pac is still alive. If you listing to the truck “letter to my unborn child” in the second verse, he stated “I got shot 5 times, but I’m still breathing” and it exactly what happened on that night. So he will be back.

  222. so wait, he died at 4:03 pm and the had an autopsy AND cremation by the end of the next day? I doubt it.

  223. I wish people would stop posting comments that he’s still alive, don’t you think his family has suffered enough. Imagine you passed and your family had to be reminded of your loss.

  224. Am praying too tha almighty GOD that he should really come back 2014 cause I really need him.

  225. I love 2pac, and I’m the old skool gangstar fan. What we have today is gabbage all lil wyne, drake, jay z, kanye, rick ross is all waiste of time. Not so long ago I asked myself this question” I wonder how things would have been to the rap industries if Pac was still alive”. Pac moved everyone even those who didn’t understand some of the things he said, but they jumped when ever Pac was on any speaker.

    I from Durban, South African

    • im not saying it wouldnt be the way it is now because everything gets old the things people were talking about when pac wasd a young man they dont anymore, if pac was alive he would be 41 years old i believe he would be a legend just changin with the game kind of like how snoop and jay is

  226. Yes,2pac is alive i belive that is somewhere in the poor countries and he will be out sooner or late

  227. 2pac is alive!!!

    Check out his spoken comment on his hologram performance at Coachella.


  228. 2pac is dead… he talks about his return from death because he talks about the shootings that had to kill him when he got shot 5 times and he survived thats why he talks about the comeback from death..he didnt know someday he got really killed…thats it..2pac is dead

  229. He has to be alive. Damn I’m pumped now. Everything adds up. If you think about it right there’s not one thing that doesn’t add up! I can imagine him coming back when he’s meant to and just shocking everyone, it’s Pac, if he came back he’d come back with a bang. He’s so unique and I think faking his death and coming back later is a thing he would do. I’m not gonna go into all the numerology but it adds up. Hell, if you listen to his songs in practically every one there’s something else you could relate to this.

  230. I don’t think is dead,i think he is scared of been killed by illuminati:O

  231. We gonna wait 2see 2pac be right back in 2014

  232. Oh men 2pac is alive

  233. i dont whar tupac to die we still luv him.

  234. I love tupac for real and i take him to be my role model because of his inspirational and courageous lyrics towards mankind and he believe in God and cares alot about the black race,i want him to come back.

  235. They say 2pac is dead and they say he is alive

  236. The police said that 2pac was driven to the hospital by ambulance.
    But the witness said that 2pac was taken into a helicopter
    Why should the witness lie in that moment?
    Nobody knew where the helicopter took 2pac.
    The helicopter brought him to a secret, safe place, while the news are
    Reporting about the shooting.

  237. At 2012 15 th Much much pac says”to me am still alife but keep it secreat and he say he is going illuminatie trust him thats true.people am back this is the real 2pac

  238. Even if tupac is still alive, Biggie is gone forever..

  239. Lets have best ever rapper to come back .well come back tupac. The black jesus

  240. Hes alive, livin in my basement!

  241. Dude i hope to get best frm you, when u come back. Boss of all bosses ,come and hit em up nigga. I wil always suport u my nigga i want 2 shake your hand dude.

  242. Some sites there are more photos of THE LEGEND 2PAC there he or some one writes stories so I believe whit all MY HARD THAT HE IS ALIVE

  243. Tupac is alive remember that song I’ll Never Call U Bitch Again
    Take the first letter of each word and Its says Is In CUBU

  244. 2012 is not true,because the mayans had many other dates that the world was going to end and i will be on the internet on 2014 all day and night everyday just to hear tupac came back ❤ tupac

  245. I really hope the KING back…. I so much cherish him.

  246. he is not coming back! he passed away years ago so how can he? duhhhh!

  247. I want him back please…….?

  248. If he is alive living in Jamaica , he is with his Aunt Assata Shakur . Both are stronger so they will not just get along well , but they will learn much from each others .
    I’m Don Makaveli

  249. Who knows if he’s alive or not? We just got to sit and wait.. Until this day comes! If he is ALIVE maybe he will expose himself the day they suspected that he was murdered. The only thing this niggaaaahhh wants is FAME. But, more of it.

  250. Tupac ascaped from illuminathi, hes in cuba rite nw

  251. 2pac i dead, guys let him R.I.P

  252. 2pac is not dead i know that since 2006 he had supporsed to come out from hiding 2005 but i guess 2pac d markeville is coming back 2014 2005(2+0+0+5=7) (2+0+1+4=7)

  253. My theory is that he got shot but it didn’t kill him and he’s not gonna say it didn’t kill him just so they can try to kill him again and possibly succeed…he was forced into hiding because he didn’t wanna leave all his fans yet…now he’s seeing who were real fans and who were fake fans by who really paid attention to his music cuz he knew a lot of people wanted kill him so he hadda leave clues so that true pac fans would know why he had to go…its not about letting him live or die in peace its about being a true fan and having faith in his own lyrics

  254. Tupac is an inspiration to all, whose hearts are captured through his life an music. Continuing to be an doing so for many years to come! (Until the end of time)

  255. Tupac he z still alive I believe on that me

  256. Am nt beliv dat 2pac he x stl alive . Cos in wuch hw many he dead and he x nt come bk

  257. i so luv 2pac, i realy wish 2pac d king returns bk wit his hard core rap cos am rili missin hard core, al d b est whr eva u go [pac]

  258. I still think he is alive and he Will return one day they cant hold a real nigga down 4eva

  259. Actually if u fake ur death and there is NO money paid out as in life insurance, etc…u won’t be arrested! Which is prob why the family quickly changed the funeral and replaced it with him being “cremated”. Idk if he’s alive or dead. But, it’s worth discussing the conspiracy theory!

  260. 2pac is alive yearr manigga he is a real hero makhaveli 2pac he is in thi other world u will never find him i knw were he is and wont show

  261. Come back pac n show this niggas wt iz hip hop they they only tell us about their money we tired

  262. I can feel hip hop again.

  263. Is true 2pac is commbac

  264. My dad z nt dead cus he z alive,dad i recieved d leta u rote 2 unborn me,papa i wil b glad 2 c u in 2014 we gona hit em up d 2nd tym fuck em dose moda4ka*s,dad mama loved d song dear mama,papa loved papas song,we all re wa8tn 2 embrace u dad,,,,chill thug lyf ll nver seize.i lov u daddy.

  265. If he comes back I don’t think he will have such success as in 1990s because of how mainstream rap music has become . It will be impossible to make a music not about money , hoes , and clothes in this era

    • You idiot!!! You obviously know nothing of Pac!!! He ain’t coming back to rap and take over hip hop!!! He is coming back to spread the message and change the world….when he comes back, people will listen to his words like he is a Prophet, because he return alone shows the existence of the Illuminati and the corruption within the US governement, because, why else would he have had to hide that long? You don’t go on the run that long from nigggas, trust me….Pac himself said the niggas that were after him, that were beefing him were bigger than rap, bigger than Biggie and all that East/West shit, he said the people after him had private jets and they own personal helicopters and shit, what does that tell you??? He is coming back, and it won’t be pretty at first, cuz like he said, we all gonna see some stuff that gonna make it hard to smile in the future….You better be prepared to strap up and ride for Pac if you actually down and ready for the revolution!!!

  266. if 2pac comes back shaun double jeperty has nuthing to do with the case if 2pac did fake his own death and comes back how can you give the double jeperty rule someone els has to try and kill you like the other 3 times people tryed to kill him. if 2pac dos come back in 2014 wich i hope he dos if he is alive because i am a fan if he changes his name he canot be convicted. who ever sed 2pac cant be convicted of faking his death is not paying attention to the law it dos not matter if nevada is not a state if 2pac faked his own death and comes back if his name is still 2pac or tupac shakur he will be arrested and convicted for faking his own death it is agenst the law to do that.

  267. I am a close friend of pac he could be alive i dont want to give information. Hopefully he will be back at LA in 2014, January 3rd.

  268. Hop hes alive n .kil ll D ILLUMINATI

  269. tupac is alive he just fake his death becuz he have many enemies like the illuminati and he want to enjoy his life hiding i think pac is the smartest guy i ever met i hope 2pac go back to rap and kick the ass of illuminati and gay-z

  270. Tupac is dead….but Makaveli is alive. His hologram looked so real and the fact that he performed Hail Mary at Coachella. The song is from his album the 7 day Theory, he never got to perform any of the songs on that album. Co-incidence????

  271. hum! there is no boy cmback afta his daed.

  272. 2pac it,s alive.he is doing what he did pritand as he is dead.

  273. 2pac it,s not dead he,s just running away from his enemiys

  274. So wait, First ” 2pac will be back in 2012 ” Now 2014?
    Get over it fellas. he’s dead.

  275. Hi mr tupac u are mostly welcome back to the world,we are missing you.
    Good luck

  276. this all makes sense, but if tupac is alive did you ever think about how he’d make it known? like would he show up at the Super Bowl? would he go on tv and do it? would he just do a tour to let everyone know he’s alive? how would he tell people? I hope and pray every day that he is alive, but you have to think about the facts. if he’s dead, rest in peace pac. you will forever be alive in our hearts.

  277. am a 2pac fun in Ghana. Were is 2pac?

  278. Lil Wayne’s gunna be working in Mc Donald’s when 2Pac returns.

    • n u will be the cleaner while hes in mc D….

      Hopeless losers find a better way to be a loser…

      YMCMB Rulezzz bitches!!!!

  279. 2014 ; 2+0+1+4= 7

  280. Purchasing the wine is being carried. For
    starters one needs not be intimidated by those who can’t bear to part with their cold one. With aunrecorded look-ins, highlights and musician interviews abouncy on any apt Sunday. A red wine hardly needs this consideration; it will keep the temperature under control.

  281. Hmmm…wonder if jay-z & beyonce’s trip to Cuba included a visit with tupac?

    • hahahahahahahahahaha nice one that’s funny as hell the trip was probably already planed out by tupac so that jay-z and beyonce can go visit him in person and then see whats been happening in life while hes been FAKING HIS DEATH hahahahahahahahahaha lmao

  282. pac aint dead I believe he faked his death for a good reason so that he could get away from his enemies and re appear 18 years later so that he could not be accused of faking his death and also his enemies after 18 years some would pass away and some will have families it will be useless to start thug life back again.I just want pac to come back in 2014 and tell us why he did all of this on his own.

    • i agree with you that he ain’t dead but i don’t think hes coming back in 2014 maybe 2016 or 17 but i also don’t think hes coming back because of his enemy’s they already think that hes dead and im pretty sure that he went into the witness protection program because he was receiving death threats from his enemy’s that’s why i don’t think hes coming back but then again i do think hes coming back……….

  283. To all Bitches who says tupac is dead!!!
    Fuck Ya’ll….i can prove he isnt dead…
    lemme give u a lil example….
    1. 2Pac now calls himself Makaveli… Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist who advocated faking one’s death to fool their enemies… 2Pac was a fan of his and had read his books several times. Perhaps 2Pac is taking his advice… (But that is not all Machiavelli did… Nicolo Machiavelli was a political, military theorist, historian, playwright, diplomat, and military planner. He is well known today. Some of his works are “The Prince” (1513), and The Art of War (1521). NOTE: Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony’s new double album which features 2Pac rather Makaveli is called just that. “The Art Of War”. Coincedence Or Not???)

    2.2Pac was cremated the day after he died… Since when does some one get cremated the day after a murder? There was no autopsy. Plus, no one can ask to dig up his grave like they wanted to do with Elvis and like they did with Abraham Lincoln. (In the new book entitled “Death Of Tupac Shakur” there is a picture of 2Pac receiving an autopsy. This may prove this reason to be false, or it’s a fake (edited) picture. To my knowledge, 2Pac did not reveive an autopsy though. I don’t know about this picture…)

    3.Pac had big plans for ‘Makaveli Records’. This may be why he’s completed so many songs. Makaveli Records is the the new record company 2Pac planned on doing with “Tha Outlaw Immortalz”. He was leaving Death Row Records. Suge Knight could have killed 2Pac so they could get all the money. 2Pac’s mother is currently suing Death Row Records for this money.)

    4.In a 1994 interview with Tupac, he said before he went to prison that if he was ever sent to prison when he came out he would be worse than before. He was. He also said when he came out it would be like he was reborn. Was he speaking literally? He already died and he was worse when he came out of jail, plus Tupac switched his rapping name from 2Pac to Makaveli, that could be considered a rebirth, all that’s left is a physical rebirth (A sighting) and so far he’s already completed more than half of this prophecy.

    5.he cover of 2Pac’s latest album, Makaveli has 2Pac looking like Jesus Christ… Could he be planning a resurrection? (I am almost sure Death Row Records did this themselves for the publicity. It just adds to the whole 2Pac alive stuff which has been getting the album more sales.)

    6.The producer on the new Makaveli album is simply “SIMON.” This was the apostle who helped Jesus carry the cross and one of the first to witness his resurrection. Could Suge be SIMON?

    7.There are many numerological coincidences. Tupac was gunned down exactly seven months after All Eyez On Me was released. The number seven keeps coming up too. He was shot on September 7th and survived on 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and died the 13th. This could explain the title of his new album…. “The Don Killuminati: The 7 day theory.” 2pac was 25. His age adds up to 7 (2 + 5). Even his time of death, 4:03, adds up to 7 (4 + 0 + 3). Also, on track five on the Makaveli album the voice at the begining says “And if the Lord returns in the coming seven days, then we’ll see ya next time.” He even talks about the number 7 on his album! There are more ‘coincidences’ too.. The newest is on his brand new double album entitled “R U Still Down?”. This album was released on November 25th. 2 + 5 = 7. The 7 day theory continues! What’s with this?

    8.Inside the cover of 2Pac’s newest album, it reads “Exit: 2pac, Enter: Makaveli” as if 2pac has died and Makaveli born. There is also that statement by 2Pac saying when he came out it would be like he was reborn.

    9.In the video “Toss It Up”, 2Pac is supposedly wearing some Penny Hardaway sneakers which were not available at the time of his death!!!! Also, some say in the video “Live & Die In LA” when 2Pac jumps in the car you see that he is wearing some Michael Jordan sneakers which were not available at the time of his death! (If 2pac is dead, then his double is doing his new videos… So, that explains tha shoes!)

    10.In Tupac’s song “Life of an Outlaw” on the album The 7 Day Theory, he says “All for the street fame on how to be managed, 6 months in advance to what we plotted, approved to go on swole and now I got it”-Life Of An Outlaw. This implies that Tupac planned his “death” in advance and now he is enjoying the success of his plan.

    11.2Pac always wore a bulletproof vest but for some strange reason he didn’t wear one this time.. why not? (I’ve heard Suge Knight was caught on surveilance cameras at the fight telling 2Pac to take off the vest ’cause it was hot in there. If this is true, why would Suge Knight not want 2Pac wearing his vest???)

    12.2Pac’s vehicle got shot 12 times and Suge didn’t get hit once.. He was ‘grazed’ by a bullet.. Why did 2Pac get shot all those times and Suge not get hit?


  284. Tupac is alive I have noticed some hints like his name 2 PAC and all the 7’s if u take 2 from his name multiply it by 7 u get 14 2014 he will come back when he is 43 4 plus 3 is 7 2+0+1+4=7 the year 2014 I marked my calendar for June 13 2014 his latest album the barcode number has a year makaveli unscramble that I am alive there is an extra k wat could that be maybe killuminati like his album

  285. yeah tupac is defently alive , he is in cuba , and i cant believe people always saying that he is dead , well here is the thing fucking haters , they never found the dead body of 2pac , there was no authopsie , no funeral and i think not even a grave , hopefully he is coming back next year , -oneloveTupactheking!

  286. is he still alive?

  287. He’s alive for sure , not long until the greatest illusion of all time is revealed , and the Phoenix is going to rise from the ashes and take this rap game back where it belongs

  288. Tupac i know you alive so come maybe our she will be happy.

  289. Tupac i know you alive. So that come 2 the rap ganius 2 kill the m*t*r f-ckz

  290. my only wish z dt hs rili alive not ds sht..i wanna c him i hv been watin. 4 ds moment

  291. Damn if people don’t get that ma nigga pac is alive fuck thm and thr bby mamas

  292. It all adds up.. I think he’s coming back.

  293. Am alive k ? = kasinova ?. = pac 18 years 7 day theroy 2014

  294. 2014. That’s all I have to say

  295. I really find it hilarious when I see young fools playing 2pac like they know what he is about… When he was alive he was not a “legend” like he is now, you either loved him or hated him, and believe me he had a lot of haters and enemies. In 1993-95, biggie was more popular than 2pac. It wasnt until all eyez on me came out that pac truly blew up. I bet half of the comments here are from kids who dont even remember 1996, I always say to them “don’t represent so hard” you asshole kids dont know jack about the 90’s.


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  298. march 15 2015 – where he at ?

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